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A Very Fine Ladies Consignment Boutique

Consign With Us

‘If it’s ‘not becoming on should be coming to us!’

NO Appointments needed

Information on Consigning at Caprice

If it’s ‘not becoming on you….it should be coming to us!’

We want to make consigning as easy as possible for you so…..

NO appointment is necessary

Consignments are accepted Mon. – Fri.  11:15 AM – 5:00 PM

Week-end drop-offs can be arranged by calling the store at 780-488-0240.  Please note that your items will not be looked at till Mon so you may need to return to pick up any items not accepted unless you’re donating them.

NO min. number of items required

We ask that you bring no more than 50 items at a time.  Exceptions are made for out of town consignors, please call ahead 780-488-0240 for further information. 

As a THANK-YOU to our consignors we offer you 10% OFF all regular-priced items on the day you bring in your consignment.  We call it ‘drop and shop’!

We base what we accept on what’s selling and what our customers are asking for.  Some styles even if it’s brand new with the tags still on are ones that we’re not successful selling.   We’re very selective in what we accept and our customers appreciate that.

Caprice has been in business since 1988 so we have a good idea of what sells and what doesn’t and for what price.

If you have any pricing concerns regarding your items, please discuss that when you drop your clothing off.  Sometimes you have to let go of what you paid for an item and say ‘realistically, what will someone pay for this in a consignment store’?

Consignors receive 40% of the selling price for their items.

Items are kept on the sales floor for 2 months

We work hard to sell your items by displaying them throughout the store, posting pictures on social media, showing your items on live FB videos and putting them on our online website where customers around the world can shop.

If any of your items don’t sell you have a choice of: a) telling us to donate them on your behalf or b) coming into the store within ONE WEEK of your expiry date and collecting your items. We’ll print you a list of what’s still available and then you collect them.  Items left after that date become the property of the store and may be sold or donated to charity.

Some of the charities we donate to: Suit Yourself, Wings, Elizabeth Fry, The Sharing Closet of Alberta, Cinderella’s Closet and others.

Generally our dates for accepting seasonal items are

Spring Feb. 1, Summer March 15, Fall July 15, Winter Sept. 1.

More Tips Below!


Tips for Consignment Success

We want to help you turn your cluttered closet into cash! 

Here’s some tips to get the most out of consigning


  • We ask that you bring your items in freshly cleaned, pressed and on hangers
  • We’re happy to return your hangers to you, just ask for them back
  • The better your items ‘present’ the more you can get for them. Items brought in wrinkled will be subject to a 3.00 steaming charge per item
  • Although your items may have been worn, they need to look new
  • Check for fading and pilling
  • Make sure all zippers work and all buttons are sewn on
  • Check that your pockets are empty
  • Look carefully in the collar, cuff, underarm areas of your clothes for markings
  • Due to customers allergies and sensitivities it’s important that any pet hair is removed, that there is no tobacco smell or strong perfume scent
  • If items require dry-cleaning bring them in and show them to us first to make sure we’re able to consign them before you go to the expense of dry-cleaning.
  • Check for any rips or tears in the lining and pockets of your items.
  • Check that the hem is in good repair.
  • Items are accepted seasonally. If you’re not sure what we’re accepting you can call the store at 780-488-0240. 
  • Generally our dates for accepting seasonal items are:  Spring Feb. 1, Summer March 15, Fall July 15, Winter Sept. 1.  
  • Resort wear starts Dec. 1 but please note during covid we’re not taking resort wear due to travel restrictions.
  • Other Covid restrictions:
    • Due to life style changes with covid we are no longer accepting long formals, dressy cocktail attire, and fewer high heel shoes.



BRANDS we don’t consign

Although there’s nothing wrong with the brands listed below, they are so reasonably priced new, their resale value is low.  Our customers are looking for higher-end brand names.


  • Old Navy
  • George
  • Joe Fresh
  • Garage
  • Dynamite
  • Forever 21
  • TanJay & Alia – exception is made for plus sizes
  • Tradition


  • We do not consign used swimwear or lingerie.


BRANDS we consign

We accept brands that are at a Gap or Eddie Bauer level and higher.  Many, many different brands, too many to mention here. 

One of the benefits of shopping consignment is the ‘breadth’ of labels you can find.  We say our consignors shop the world so you don’t have to. 

Examples of Brands we consign (but not a complete list)

  • All high-end designer brands such as: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci etc.
  • Joseph Ribkoff, Frank Lyman, Cartise etc.
  • Desigual
  • Neon Buddha, Sandwich, Tribal and other similar brands
  • Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Coach
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo etc.


Consigning Purses

  • Please make sure the inside of the purse is clean and empty
  • Soiled lining will likely make your purse non-consignable or if it is accepted it will be priced lower
  • Dust or polish the outside
  • Include any straps, locks, keys etc that come with your purse
  • If it’s a designer purse please bring any authentication papers you have or original receipt. All designer purses need to be authenticated and there may be a charge for this.

Consigning Shoes & Boots

  • Wipe outside and inside of shoes/boots
  • Make sure the soles are clean
  • Polish if needed
  • Ensure zippers in boots are working well
  • If you bring your items in boxes (shoes/boots) we can’t store them for you. Certainly for higher-end items such as Christian Louboutins we will display the footwear with the box but for the likes of Aldo, Nine West etc. we just don’t have the space. 


  • Polish sterling silver jewelry prior to bringing it in. Shiny, polished jewelry sells quicker and for more money than unpolished pieces.
  • Please let our staff know if any of your items are gold or have precious stones in them such as diamonds, rubies etc.
  • Higher quality costume jewelry and unique artisan made jewelry usually sells well.

We recognize and appreciate the work that’s involved in getting your items prepared for consignment.  We’ll do our best to sell your items and make this a rewarding experience for you.