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A Very Fine Ladies Consignment Boutique

Painted Ladies Of Caprice

The doors in the store are painted of women who have been very important to me in my life.  Women who have taught me and inspired me to believe in myself and follow my dreams.  Originally, I had the 3 fitting room doors of my store on 124 St.  painted in honor of the 3 women who taught me to love to shop!  My grandma, my mom and my sister.

Mural At The Store

Countess Christina  - Mother in law

Chris raised her son Reg to be an amazing husband and father and for that I owe her so much. Whenever I was having a hard day or going through a tough time she would always tell me  ‘This too shall pass’.  It took me a long time to understand that but I think of her whenever I hear it.


Lady Ethel - Mother

My mom instilled a love of shopping and a passion for fashion in me.  She taught me the difference between good quality fabric and poor quality.  She introduced me to consignment shopping and I was hooked.  We could shop all day, not buy a single thing and feel like we had the best day ever! 


Miss Mila  - Granddaughter

Mila’s picture shows her at her current age (8). This girl was born to shop!!!  She can out shop her Grandma!  She’s a great shopper who takes her time and really thinks things through before spending her money. 


Baroness Beatrice - Aunt

My Aunt Bea had a bit of ‘attitude’ and Gracie Jane captured that well in her picture. She never had children of her own so she doted on her nieces and nephews.




Princess Madeleine  - Granddaughter 

Madeleine is 5 yrs old in the picture Gracie painted. Now she’s 16 years old….how time flies.  Reg and I have 3 sons so with our first grandchild being a girl….believe me I was tickled pink!  This grandma could not wait to get shopping for her new granddaughter!


Queen  Eva  - Grandma 

She was very close to my mom, her only child and they shared a love of shopping.  From the time I could walk I was out every Thursday evening and Saturday shopping.  My Grandma was 4’10” and had very tiny feet.  Our holidays involved shopping too as my Grandma was able to find shoes to fit her in Seattle.  Now that I think back, I bet it was Nordstrom’s we were shopping in.


Divine Sister Karen

I only have one sibling, my sister Karen who is 6 years older than me. She comes into Caprice once a week to do filing….and a bit of shopping. 