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Zoom The Business Of Empowered Dressing- $299 Per Segment

The Business Of Empowered Dressing- $299 Per Segment

$299.00 CAD
Segment Session - Add Each to Cart As Needed

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$299 Per Segment OR buy the entire package and save $296. It's like buying 4 and getting the 5th one free. 

1. Assessment & Lifestyle

In this segment we will ask these questions and explore the answers to: 

Do you feel good in the clothes you wear? How much time do you spend picking out your clothes and accessories? Do you wear all the clothes in your closet or do you keep grabbing the same outfits, shoes and jewelry? Do you prefer comfort, style or both? Do you feel frumpy or confident in the clothes you choose? When you are traveling, what do you wear? 


The goal of segment one is to look at your lifestyle and your emotions and feelings about clothes in general, style, comfort and your existing wardrobe. 


2. Getting to know the REAL YOU 

In this segment we will determine your best assets and how we can highlight them. What is your guestimate of your figure shape and how do you feel about it? What are your personal fashion likes and dislikes and what are your favorite colors?  Which colors look best on you with your skin tone, hair color and how do you feel wearing different colors?  What are your preferences of fashions for example skirts or dresses or pants? 

If you were in a store would you buy all the same clothes you currently have in your closet? We're going to have you take selfies of the different outfits you wear every day and you're going to keep a diary. Just like people emotionally eat, people emotionally dress. What kinds of emotions are you dressing with every day? 


3. The Next Step...

In this segment we're going to pick up where segment two left off. We're going to look at your most favorite pieces, the pieces that you feel the best in and you  wear the most. These are going to be what we call your foundation pieces. We're going to build on these pieces, adding to them and building up your staple wardrobe. We'll work with jewelry, shoes and other accessories to build out the basics of your wardrobe that truly signify your personal style. The end result of segment three is spending less time getting ready each day or before going out because you already have all the pieces in your wardrobe that make you look and feel your best. 


4. Building Your Dream Wardrobe

In this segment we're going to help you learn what different fashion pieces make you smile and bring you joy and which ones do not. We're going to help you learn how to shop and pick what's best for you and stop buying pieces that are not going to bring out your best self. 


At the end of this segment you will learn how to trust your own intuition when shopping and how to know what to buy and what to leave on the rack. You will also have picked out the best closet essentials that every woman needs:  a coat, jacket, handbag, dress, etc.  


You will also learn how to develop the confidence to try styles out of your norm.  You will learn how to pair trendy or edgy styles that with the pieces that are true to you so that you can have fun and be confident taking fashions risks. 


5. Accessories are Necessities 

In this segment we are going to really highlight your YOUniqueness. You will learn the skills to create the perfect finishing touch. 

You will learn how to use jewelry to draw focus to your face and compliment your ensemble;  Belts to emphasize your waist, hips or double as jewelry; Shoes or boots to get the right look; And the power of Scarves, they always fit and they can change your entire look; Purses and Tote Bags - coordinating verses matching; And finally, the delight of hats and self expression. 


In this session by experimenting with different accessories and taking selfies you will learn how accessories can totally change the look of an outfit and how accessories affect how you feel in an outfit. One necklace worn with two different tops can have a totally different effect and vice versa, the same top with two totally contrasting necklaces can look different and feel different. 


The Goal of the Program, The Business of Empowered Dressing is to: 

* Show you how to intentionally dress for a power meeting, productive day, busy schedule or fashionably casual;

* Teach you how to intentionally dress to feel empowered both personally and professionally; 

* Teach you how to be a savvy shopper who knows how to pick out the best pieces, the right pieces and save money by not buying the wrong pieces; 

* Empower you to believe in yourself and have confidence in your style and trust your own instincts.  


We are what we wear and when you put on the right clothes you put on your power, Mom-power, Business-power, Workout-Power. Whatever you're doing you will look and feel your best, most powerful self.  

The Business Of Empowered Dressing- $299 Per Segment

$299.00 CAD